Creative and Innovative Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

When it comes to your wedding, you want the very best. Preparing for the big day of your life is actually a big task. Right from wedding reception to wedding decor everything needs proper planning. Wedding reception is where all your guests and invitees will come to bless the newlywed couples. At the wedding reception, the centerpiece on each table is the decor element that your guests will see the most. It is the wedding centerpiece that brings just the right touch to the reception. The centerpieces can set the tone and style of your wedding reception.


As far as top wedding centerpiece ideas are concerned, the most popular ones are the floral centerpieces. A floral centerpiece goes well with any type of wedding, be it summer, winter, spring or winter. Beautiful floral arrangements help in highlighting the overall wedding décor and also flowers make a pleasant decoration for your guests to enjoy as they chat and eat.  If you are in search for the perfect floral centerpiece ideas, here are some of the best wedding centerpiece ideas for you to consider.

Unique Container Floral Wedding Centerpiece:


Unique Container Floral Wedding Centerpiece


It is not necessary to use a vase to hold flowers for a wedding centerpiece. The market is flooded with unique containers that can make your floral centerpiece attractive and beautiful too. For instance you can choose watering cans, jewelry boxes, or earthenware to hold the floral arrangement. When the look of your container is unique in itself, your centerpiece will definitely become the center of attraction. It is not necessary to look for expensive containers. You can find something within your budget too. Else you can use something like old jars or wine bottles as containers. 


Simple Floral Wedding Centerpiece:


Simple Floral Wedding Centerpiece


As flowers are already beautiful you don’t have to go for extensive decoration. The beauty of the flowers comes in simplicity and innovation.  Even if you do decide on a vase, consider a non-conventional material like wood or mosaic tiles to put a simple floral arrangement. This is one floral wedding centerpiece idea that can never go wrong. To use a simple floral arrangement you must use one variety of flowers like roses or sunflowers. No need to use different types of flowers. Just take the flowers and put them in a vase and tie a ribbon over the vase. 


See-through Floral Wedding Centerpiece:


See-through Floral Wedding Centerpiece


Instead of using a non-conventional item to hold your floral arrangement, you can use a simple yet stylish glass vase to give a unique look to the overall table décor. The key point to remember here is that you must have a glass vase that you can see through them.  Here you can b e as creative as you want. No need to simply stick some flowers in water. Instead put the floral arrangement first and fill the bottom of the glass vase with layers of thinks like colorful pebbles, cranberries, or colorful vegetables. The possibilities are endless and you will have a great looking floral wedding centerpiece! 


Glass Photo Vase Floral Arrangement:


Glass Photo Vase Floral Arrangement


A Glass Photo Vase is a great way to display your floral arrangement. It creates a unique wedding reception centerpiece. It displays flowers beautifully and showcases a photo of the bride and groom, or even one of the bride and bridesmaids. Fill the vase portion with your chosen wedding flowers and use flower petals outside the vase for an extra flair. Give these vases to your guests and closest family members as a memento. Else, you can also use it after the ceremony as a wonderful memory of your special day! This floral wedding centerpiece will always remind people of how special wedding reception was. 


Trimmings with Floral Wedding Centerpiece:


Trimmings with Floral Wedding Centerpiece


You can give your floral arrangement a unique personality with some trimmings for an accent.  Even if the container is unique, you can always go for trimmings. For any type of weddings, you can use things like ribbon wound around the container or sequins scattered in the petals of the flowers.  For a fall wedding, you can put fall leaves gathered outside the base of your vase, or vine-like tendrils instead of ribbon. Trimmings will highlight your floral arrangement and make your wedding centerpiece more attractive and special.


Butterflies and Floral Wedding Centerpiece:


Butterflies and Floral Wedding Centerpiece


For floral wedding centerpiece you can also use butterflies to decorate it. Butterflies go well with floral arrangements. The easiest way is to choose any flower arrangement as a centerpiece and add beautiful colored butterflies to it. Select butterflies that go well with the color scheme of your wedding decor. Ask for a sample, and hold it next to the flowers you want to use to ensure that the textures and colors match. For an interesting butterfly and flower wedding centerpiece, use an upside down fish bowl and then go for floral arrangements. Later on fasten two or three fabric butterflies with glue or see-through wires. For an outside wedding reception, you can use terracotta pots or baskets for your centerpieces and put typical garden flowers on it and combine it with faux butterflies.


Hurricane Vase Floral Wedding Centerpiece:


Hurricane Vase Floral Wedding Centerpiece


Even though hurricane vases are mostly used for candles and displaying small items, they can also be used for flower arrangements and bouquets. A simply yet elegant looking hurricane vase is a good choice to highlight your floral arrangement. For your wedding centerpiece, you can use a simple glass hurricane vase or a stylish one depending upon your wedding décor and color scheme. Mostly, hurricane vases are wide-mouthed, short-based and slightly rounded. These vases can be used to hold a single tall flower, such as a star gazer lily or spray of orchids. Or you put a group of brightly colored flowers. This type of floral arrangement will bring interest to your wedding reception tables.


Wicker Basket Floral Wedding Centerpiece:


Wicker Basket Floral Wedding Centerpiece


You can use a wicker basket to display your floral arrangement. This centerpiece will give a country feel to your wedding reception tables. For instance you can use a white wicker basket and fill it with different types of bright and colorful garden flowers, such as zinnias, hydrangeas, dahlias, roses or hyacinth. To make the centerpiece more attractive you can tie a bright colored satin ribbon to the handle. The wicker basket filled with an assortment of flowers is sure to please your wedding guests. This is one of the top wedding centerpiece ideas that can be used for all types of weddings. 


Candle and Flower Wedding Centerpiece:


Candle and Flower Wedding Centerpiece


Add candles to your floral arrangements for a romantic ambiance. Votive and pillar candles can add variety and texture to a floral centerpiece.  A group of two or three pillar candles surrounded by colorful flowers make an attractive wedding centerpiece. Else use fresh flowers to decorate a tall pillar candle if you want a simple but elegant centerpiece.  Use glittery spray to make any simple tapered candle and floral arrangement into a sparkling centerpiece.  As candles can be made at home and flowers can be picked from your own garden, this is one of the inexpensive floral wedding centerpiece ideas. 


Fruits and Flowers Wedding Centerpiece:


Fruits and Flowers Wedding Centerpiece


The beautiful combination of fruits and flowers can turn out to be a creative and interesting wedding centerpiece. The easiest idea is to use a clear container and fill the sides with slices of fruits. Now take advantage of that beautiful look and put fresh flowers on top of it. Else, you can use a wicker basket and fill it with whole fruits and flowers. Make sure the arrangements look clean and beautiful. You can even encourage the guests to eat the fruits at the end of the ceremony or play a game to have one person take the centerpiece at home as your wedding favor. Another simple idea is to put lemons and limes lined up in a tall, thin vase with a ribbon tied around it. Put two or three flowers at the end. This fresh arrangement for a wedding centerpiece will be liked by all.


Floating Flowers Wedding Centerpiece:


Floating Flowers Wedding Centerpiece


Use a wide mouth bowl filled with water and put flowers on it to create a colorful and unusual centerpiece. Submerged or floating flowers as part of your centerpieces is not only a budget friendly idea, but also a simple concept that you can even do it yourself. For a romantic touch, you can put three to seven floating candles also. For this type of floral arrangement, Orchids are one of the best options as you find them in different colors and sizes. Mini callas and standard calla lilies are another alternative for flowers that look amazing while submerged. Another alternative is to use a tall and round small clear vase and put flowers with stems in intricate positions for a desired look. You can put some fresh rose petals are around the vase. 


Single Blooms Wedding Centerpiece:


Single Blooms Wedding Centerpiece


Single blooms placed in vintage vessels look great as a wedding centerpiece. The elegant and simplicity of the overall presentation will brighten up the overall table décor. A beautiful single bloom on a transparent glass looks great. Put some rocks for make it more attractive. For this type of floral centerpiece use any large blooms such as Gerber daisies, bright sunflowers or garden roses, etc.
Eiffel Tower Floral Arrangement: 


Eiffel Tower Floral Arrangement


An Eiffel Tower design adds height to any floral arrangement to be used as wedding centerpiece. Use plant foam on the top of the tower and put a three-layered flower arrangement. This will look good when put at the center of the table. Another idea is to use orchids at the center surrounded by a layer of yellow, then red, roses. Use ribbon wraps around the stem of the tower with a large ribbon bow at the base. Sprinkle petals of rose at the area by the base to highlight the whole decoration. These types of floral arrangements are great for dinners as they allow guests to see each other and converse freely without distraction from a large centerpiece.


Fishbowl Floral Wedding Centerpiece:


Fishbowl Floral Wedding Centerpiece


The combination of a fishbowl and flowers will make a great wedding centerpiece. For a formal elegant design, use exotic flowers like calla lily, orchid or tulip and group them with greenery into the fishbowl and allow them to drape gracefully over the edges. For a romantic touch, add small colored beads to the fishbowl and then put water and some flowers. You can add a floating candle too. Another option is to put the fishbowl on a mirror tile and put tea light candles in glass holders around the fishbowl. 


Well, these are some of the top wedding centerpiece ideas with flowers as the main element. You can use any of the above mentioned floral wedding centerpiece ideas to make your wedding reception memorable and special for you and all your guests. Also remember the fact that creating perfect floral centerpieces for your wedding reception is easy when you use a little creativity and allow your imaginations to fly. The combination of the right flowers is the key to having a wonderfully looking floral centerpiece. Get the right flowers and get ready to design your own wedding centerpiece.

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