Innovative and Creative Wedding Candle Centerpiece Ideas

In any wedding reception, the first thing that guests notice is the table arrangement. In any table arrangement, it is the centerpiece that can be described as the center of attraction. For a wedding centerpiece, candles are the first choice amongst couples. Candles fit with any wedding theme and candles are cheap you don’t have to think about budget too. Candles cost less than flowers and add a sophisticated, dreamy mood to the reception. They also can be reused or converted into household decor after the wedding. Also you don’t have to do a great deal with candles to make stunning wedding centerpieces. In fact, candle wedding centerpiece ideas are great as they add a beautiful atmosphere to your party. You’ll find plenty of candle centerpiece ideas here:


Candle and Rock Wedding Centerpiece:


Candle and Rock Wedding Centerpiece


This is one of the most popular candle wedding centerpiece ideas. Here you just need to place pillar candles of different heights on a square plate. Scatter smooth rocks around the candles and your wedding centerpiece is ready. For the rocks you can use the simply river rocks that are easily available. Make sure you have rocks in different shapes and sizes and they are clean. If you want you can even use scented candles. This romantic option for table centerpieces is perfect for an indoor or outdoor wedding reception.


Candle Lantern Wedding Centerpiece:


Candle Lantern Wedding Centerpiece


Lanterns are the perfect choice for wedding centerpieces for outdoor wedding receptions as they won’t blow out as easily. In fact, lanterns not only make great table decorations, they’re also adorable favors too. Just place white candles inside lanterns for a casual but pretty wedding centerpiece. You can place one large lantern in the center of each table or two or three small lanterns clustered together. 


Mirror and Candles Wedding Centerpiece:


Mirror and Candles Wedding Centerpiece


Using mirrors with candles as a wedding centerpiece is a great option. Candles look even more magical if they can reflect and sparkle and thus placing candles on a centerpiece mirror creates the perfect ambience for romantic couples. This centerpiece is economical and easy to make. You can have a plain mirror of any shape and put it in the middle of the table. If you want a little more romantic feel, you can even use framed mirrors. Use three to five candles and place on the mirror. Look for different shapes of candles, such as rectangular or round candles, but use the same color for the entire cluster. Now add some flower petals or add pretty faux jewels for a sparkle effect. This is an elegant and yet simple wedding centerpiece.


Bowl and Floating Candles Wedding Centerpiece:


Bowl and Floating Candles Wedding Centerpiece 


This centerpiece will be liked by everyone. Ger a pretty bowl and fill it with water. If you want the centerpiece to go with your wedding color scheme, you can color the water with food coloring. Now place some floating candles on top of the water. Floating candles also look great floating in glasses, try and get the candles the same size as the glass otherwise the candles end up floating to one side. If you want you can d├ęcor the bowl with some flower petals or keep some colorful stones nearby. The reflection of the candle on the rocks will give a magical look to the setting and your guest will love to watch the light from the flames sparkle against the water. This is one of the top wedding centerpiece ideas.


Fruit Holders Candle Wedding Centerpiece:


Fruit Holders Candle Wedding Centerpiece


A fruit sculpture allows your artistic side to take center stage when you use them to hold your candle for a wedding centerpiece. Use fruit or veggies to hold your candles. Carve out a hole in the top of squash, pumpkins, watermelons, oranges, apples, cucumbers, and brinjals and so on. Place your candle in the hole. The bright colors and variety of fruit shapes give you ample of scopes to experiment with the arrangements for a wedding centerpiece. You can have endless ideas to achieve a look for a candle centerpiece that fits your decor and style.


Pillar Candle Wedding Centerpiece:


Pillar Candle Wedding Centerpiece


Pillar Candles work well if you group them together, either on a plate or a platter. Add extra decorations with ribbons or twine tied around the candles, or you can put flowers and fruit surrounding the candles. Use fresh, dried or fake flowers to decorate a tall pillar candle if you want a simple but elegant centerpiece. You can even keep it as simple as your want. The soft glow of the candles will give a romantic touch to the overall wedding table decoration.


Tea Lights Wedding Centerpieces:


Tea Lights Wedding Centerpieces


Tea lights are a great way to bring ambience to any wedding reception. In fact, tea lights wedding centerpiece is perfect for a summer beach-style wedding or a Hawaiian-themed wedding. This candle centerpiece idea is cheap, simple yet elegant, and easy to put together. Put tea lights in glass votives and put it on the table. You can scatter some rose petals or have them sitting on mirror tiles for extra sparkle. You can decorate tea lights in old jam jars, old glasses, and bowls and so on. White tea lights create an elegant mood. Alternately, you can use colored tea lights that match your wedding colors. You can be as creative as possible with tea lights for using it as a wedding centerpiece. 


Candelabras Wedding Centerpiece:


Candelabras Wedding Centerpiece


Whether you are planning a traditional wedding or a modern wedding, candelabra centerpieces look great. Also the good part is that candelabra centerpieces are not that costly. One unique element of candelabra centerpiece is that they add to the lighting effect at the wedding reception venue. You simply take gorgeous candelabra and put candles on it. For a romantic feel, add extra decorations around the base of the candelabra with ivy, flowers and silk ribbons. Candelabra candles or bulbs can be very creatively used to change the moods at any wedding!


Tall Cylinder Vases Wedding Centerpiece:


Tall Cylinder Vases Wedding Centerpiece


One of the very popular candle wedding centerpiece ideas is the tall cylinder vase.  Take a simple tall cylindrical vase and fill the vase half way with fresh flowers, a single flower, lemons, limes, apples, marbles, rocks, or faux jewels. If you wish a more modern approach then go for some leaves or some barb wire. Add water to the top of the vase and add a floating gel candle on top. Now light the candle to create a romantic effect. The candles can be colorful or white depending upon your wedding color theme. This wedding centerpiece will change up the entire look of your tables.


Candle Rings Wedding Centerpiece:


Candle Rings Wedding Centerpiece


This candle wedding centerpiece will brighten up your wedding and reception tables and will turn out to be the center of attraction. The candle ring encircles a candle, giving your centerpiece a touch of class. You can go for a floral candle ring featuring a mixed bouquet of mixed flowers surrounded by lush greenery and berries. Else you can opt for a beaded candle ring. Candle rings are a round arrangement with a hole in the middle where you can put a candle. Just take a candle ring and place it down over your candle to give the candle more presence as a wedding centerpiece.

Sand and Candle Wedding Centerpiece:


Sand and Candle Wedding Centerpiece


This is a simple and easy candle centerpiece idea especially for a beach wedding or summer wedding.  Take a crystal bowl and fill it with sand. For a great look take a wide mouth bowl. Now place a white or aquamarine candle in the center of the sand. To make it more decorative, place sand dollars, sea shells or starfish in the sand. Sprinkle the sand with white iridescent glitter for extra sparkle. During the reception, your guests will be highly impressed with this wedding centerpiece. 


Well, along with above mentioned candle wedding centerpiece ideas, there are many more that you can think of. With all candle centerpiece ideas you need to check with your venue that they allow candles and make sure the candles are secure and safe. It is better to avoid scented candles as it can get quite over powering especially when guests come to enjoy the meal.

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