Stunning Tall Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Wedding is a special moment of one’s life and every couple wants it to be special and memorable. So, the moment you have the wedding date, chosen the venue, know your budget and have your color scheme and wedding theme ready, is time to choose your wedding centerpiece. A wedding centerpiece can set the tone and look for your wedding reception and it’s important to get them right. It takes plenty of time to get the right wedding centerpiece. Nowadays, many couples prefer to use tall wedding centerpieces as it imparts a dramatic effect at a wedding reception. Beautiful and impressive tall wedding centerpieces will leave guests in awe when they enter your reception. Consider the colors and theme of your wedding, along with other details, such as the season and location when selecting a tall wedding centerpiece that can be anything from very simple straight forward floral display to the highly elaborate decorative showpieces. If you wish to make a statement on your reception tables with tall wedding centerpieces, here are some of the top wedding centerpiece ideas for you to consider:


Hanging Ornaments Tall Wedding Centerpiece:


Hanging Ornaments Tall Wedding Centerpiece


Hanging ornaments create a very magical environment. So, for a tall wedding centerpiece idea you can use the concept of hanging ornaments. For this you need to secure the tree branches inside a container and secure it with spray foam. You can also allow the branches to fall loosely in the container to give it a more natural look. Once you have put several small branches inside the container, hang different ornaments or ribbons from the tree randomly. You can adorn the branches with anything from red berries, artificial moss, flowers and pine cones to crystals, ornaments and small lanterns. Here you can be as creative as you want to make your wedding centerpiece attractive and beautiful. 


Personalized Tall Wedding Centerpiece:


Personalized Tall Wedding Centerpiece


Personalized wedding centerpiece can give a unique look to any table décor. Well, when it comes to tall wedding centerpieces, you can never go wrong with personalized trees. To make this centerpiece, place a few tree branches into a container. Hang photos of yourself and your future spouse from the branches. Instead of branches of tress you can also use long stem flowers. There is no need to use fresh flowers as silk flowers can also be used. The best idea is to use cherry blossom branches and hung handmade matted pictures on patterned paper from the branches. Here along with photos you can also use other personalized charms that are significant for you as a couple.


Lighted Branches Tall Wedding Centerpiece:


Lighted Branches Tall Wedding Centerpiece


If you are having an evening wedding reception, then lighted branches wedding centerpiece can set the mood. The best way is to get some wire lights that are battery operated led lights on wires and place them together in a container. This is a great idea for a tall wedding centerpiece. Else, you can make a lighted tall wedding centerpiece yourself. Get some tree branches of different heights and place them into a container and secure with spray foam. Now wrap a strand of battery-operated Christmas lights around the tree to create a visually interesting effect. Instead of lights you can use tiny votive candles or hang small glass pots from the branches. The lights will give a soft and romantic glow to the overall table decor.


Candelabras Tall Wedding Centerpiece:


Candelabras Tall Wedding Centerpiece


For a vintage or gothic wedding, use tall candelabra as the wedding centerpiece. Candelabras look elegant and are a beautiful way to transform a reception venue with a high ceiling. It also goes well with day or night wedding reception. You can find beautiful tall in a variety of finishes such as silver, gold, white or black and in different heights. You can simply put stylish candelabra in the center of the table. Else, you can adorn the candelabras with taper candles in the hue of your wedding colors to match the rest of the ceremony decor or with plain white candles for a neutral palette. Even you can decorate the candelabra with flowers. 


Beaded Garland Tall Wedding Centerpiece:


Beaded Garland Tall Wedding Centerpiece


Beaded garland strands are breathtaking when used as a wedding centerpiece. As beaded garlands catch the light and sparkle like nothing, they give a unique look to the overall reception table décor. You can use a single or two different colors of beaded garland twisted together, to match the color schemes of your decor or event. Just put some beaded garlands stems inside a tall vase and your wedding centerpiece is ready. Another idea is to put beaded garlands inside a crystal clear vase and fill the vase with beans or small sized pebbles. Else, you can just use a tall glass vase and put a twisted beaded garland inside it. Put some small candles around the vase so that the light of the candles reflect the beads and give a glowing touch to the table décor.


Fruits Tall Wedding Centerpiece:


Fruits Tall Wedding Centerpiece


When fruits are artfully arranged in thin vases, they turn out to be beautiful wedding centerpieces. Fruits can be spray-painted any color to match your wedding decor or left in their natural state. But fruits alone cannot look beautiful; you need to dress up the fruits to make an artful centerpiece. Always use small sized fruits like green apples, cherries, plums, lemons and so on. For instance, Take a long plain glass vase and put some green apples inside it. While putting the apples also put some flowers inside it. Now put the vase on top of a mirror plate and put some flowers around the vase. This centerpiece will be an eye catching element on your table.


Vase with Ornaments Tall Wedding Centerpiece:


Vase with Ornaments Tall Wedding Centerpiece


Plain vase and colorful ornaments go well when put together to create a fantastic tall wedding centerpiece. Just take a tall, slim vase and fill it with pinecones, acorns, or round glass ornaments and your centerpiece is ready. For a shimmery touch, use spray paint to highlight the ornaments. Apart from ornaments, you can use other fillers too like stones, seashells, crystals or fruit to stabilize your arrangement. Use fillers that match the color and theme of your wedding. This is a very inexpensive wedding centerpiece idea.


Flower Arrangements Tall Wedding Centerpiece:


Flower Arrangements Tall Wedding Centerpiece


A wedding without flowers is simply incomplete and flowers can be easily used in various ways to create a beautiful wedding centerpiece. The best idea for a tall wedding centerpiece is to use a long vase that should be wide enough to hold a few long stemmed flowers without appearing overwhelmed. You can use blooms such as gerbera daisies, delphiniums, calla lilies and cymbidium orchids. You can leave the flowers in their natural form or spray-paint them to match your wedding colors. You can add low decorations on the table, such as votive candles around the vase, a single matching bloom at each table setting to highlight the overall table décor. For a tall wedding centerpiece you can use fresh or silk flowers according to the colors of your wedding. Another good idea is to submerge a bunch of fresh flowers in the water and wound around the inside of a clear vase.


Chandelier Tall Wedding Centerpiece:


Chandelier Tall Wedding Centerpiece


Set the stage for an elegant wedding reception with the luster of candlelight by using a tall chandelier wedding centerpiece. The tall chandelier makes a demure statement of genteel distinction. Thus using a chandelier at a wedding or wedding reception is a great idea. Chandelier centerpieces bring the romance down to the table when you use one that matches the overall wedding décor and color scheme. There are a number of different types of chandelier centerpieces available in the market that you can get on rent. They are also made of many different types of materials from plastic and glass to real crystal, which can be quite expensive. Even a basic centerpiece, with no lights can be a great wedding centerpiece


Unique Showpiece Tall Wedding Centerpiece:


Unique Showpiece Tall Wedding Centerpiece


Just look around you can easily find a beautiful and unique showpiece or decorative item that can be used to dress up your table. Even something as simple as a colored glass decorative piece can make a bold statement on your table. Else you can opt for unique showpieces for the reception tables. You can easily find showpieces in the market within your budget. It can be made of various materials such as glass, metal, wood, crystals, plastic and so on. Also depending upon your wedding theme you can opt for modern, sleek, sophisticated or plastic showpieces.  


Lampshades Tall Wedding Centerpiece:


Lampshades Tall Wedding Centerpiece


For those who want something different, artsy and sophisticated for their wedding reception table décor, can use lampshades to create stunning wedding centerpieces. A lampshade centerpiece will give any table instant personality and color. Depending on the look you are after, there are a variety of ways to create a lampshade centerpiece that will help make your wedding memorable. Select a lampshade that goes along with the theme of your wedding. You can décor the lampshade with ribbon, artificial flowers, beads, sequins or feathers that match your wedding color scheme. 


Hurricane Lamps Wedding Centerpiece:


Hurricane Lamps Wedding Centerpiece


Hurricane lamps have long been a favorite when it comes to tall centerpieces. Using silk or real flowers to surround the hurricane lamp and adding a lit candle is an inexpensive way to decorate for a dinner party or reception. If you like the look but want a more contemporary flair, try a glass vase with a unique shape or a grouping of candles under the glass to make an impressive style statement. Else you can take a hurricane lamp with a stand and put some decorative items inside it and put a battery operated candle on top of it. Use a ribbon to decorate the centerpiece.    


Well, for your wedding reception you can choose any of the above mentioned tall wedding centerpiece ideas to set the tone of your wedding ceremony. Beyond the beauty and elegance of the tall centerpiece, you need to make sure that the design of the centerpiece is not obstructing guest’s view. This should be a top priority when selecting a tall centerpiece. Last but the least, always think out of the box and you will have a great idea for a tall wedding centerpiece.

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  1. Cathy says:

    I love the tall branches with the minature lighted lanterns. Could you tell me more about them? Are they battery operated? wax candles? Where can I buy them. I love this website!

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