Unique and Interesting Summer Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Summer is one of the beat seasons for weddings. The days are sunny, long warm afternoons pretty flowers are blooming everywhere, and people are in a good mood and each month of summer has its own distinctive feeling. Hence, summer is just the best time for weddings especially if you are planning for outdoor wedding reception. For the greatest celebration of your life, you need to plan your summer wedding in advance. There are plenty of things to look after such as guest list, wedding theme, wedding flower, food, decoration and so on. Well, when it comes to wedding decoration, you simply cannot ignore the importance of wedding centerpieces. Wedding centerpieces give life to the overall wedding theme in the reception venue and so when planning for a summer wedding; you need to choose a centerpiece idea that can perfectly capture the bright colors and cheery feeling of summertime. Here are some summer wedding centerpiece ideas that can make the most of all the beauty summer time has to offer: 


Floral Wedding Centerpiece:


Floral Wedding Centerpiece


Flowers used as summer wedding centerpieces are one of the most popular. In fact, flowers are not only used for summer weddings but in almost seasons when weddings are held. The best idea is to opt for flowers that bloom during summer season. Buying off-season flowers will be an expensive matter. One of the best options with flowers is to tie the flowers with a bright ribbon. During the summer months you can opt for roses and lilies in any color, vibrant purple poppies, yellow sunflowers, tall blue delphiniums, gladioli, snapdragons, or irises. Flowers can be used to design exquisite centerpieces. It is better to use flowers that go along with your coloration scheme. In fact, all white flowers are a great choice for a summer wedding.  Add grasses and other fillers to give bouquets and floral arrangements a more natural look.


Candle Wedding Centerpiece:


Candle Wedding Centerpiece


Candle centerpieces are perfect for setting the romantic mood for summer wedding receptions. You can use candle centerpieces for both indoor and outdoor wedding reception. For a summer wedding reception, the best way to use candles is by placing it in a small transparent bowl with sands or rocks. Else you can use floating candles in a shallow clear bowl or dish. For an artistic touch, put summer flowers on the base of the candle. This will make the centerpiece bright and colorful. If you are budget-conscious you can make your own candles at home instead of buying expensive candles from the market. While using candle centerpieces make sure that it dies not hinder guests sitting in the same table from seeing each other.


Silver Candelabras Wedding Centerpiece:


Silver Candelabras Wedding Centerpiece


Silver Candelabra Centerpieces are very popular for summer wedding receptions as they enhance the celebration with their elegance and romance. These candelabras centerpieces add a touch of charm, elegance and quaintness to your reception table. You can opt for tea light candelabra with droppers or candle holder with droppers. You can hire the candelabra centerpieces. Or else you can purchase small candelabras and you can have a wonderful gift to give your special wedding guests as these candelabras can be used time after time. This gift will bring back memories of your wedding reception for years.


Teapots Wedding Centerpiece:


Teapots Wedding Centerpiece


Teapots as summer wedding centerpieces can be a great idea. Teapots can be fun, elegant, vintage, or even rustic. Find the perfect teapots to match your wedding d├ęcor and color theme. You can use teapots to make your summer wedding displays really “summery”. Use teapots to hold lovely flowers such as hydrangeas, lavender, white daisies, lilies, and peonies. Teapots wedding centerpieces will add a delicate touch to the reception tables. One simple idea is to use delicate teapots just as it is. Just use some satin cloth to highlight its beauty. You can also use tea cups and plates along with the tea pots. This is one of the top wedding centerpeice ideas for summer weddings.


Fresh Fruits Wedding Centerpiece:


Fresh Fruits Wedding Centerpiece


Fresh fruit summer wedding centerpieces can be artistic and an edible item at the reception table. Use flower-shaped pieces of pineapple and melon and put them to skewers and your wedding centerpiece is ready. For a simple and colorful style, carve flower shapes into a whole pineapple and decorate it with other fruits. Another popular fresh fruit centerpiece is a carved watermelon basket filled with chunks of assorted fruit. Also piles of whole fruit can be stacked in a bowl and left plain to create a large centerpiece. Fruits that can be used in a summer wedding centerpiece are watermelons, pineapples, grapes, cherries, apples and strawberries. This is one of the best inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas.

Simple Vase Wedding Centerpiece: 


Simple Vase Wedding Centerpiece


When it comes to centerpieces for a summer wedding, simplicity can be a great hit when it comes to vases. One or two flowers in a simple vase can bring a stunning look to the reception table. For instance a single gerbera daisy in a stem vase is breathtakingly beautiful, yet simple when used as a summer wedding centerpiece. Gerbera daisies have a whimsical look that is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions. Instead of gerbera daisies you can also use a single white rose if you want an elegant and romantic look. For the vase it is better it use a simple, clear cylinder-shaped vase. You can also use wavy vases in different colors.


Beach Themed Wedding Centerpiece:


Beach Themed Wedding Centerpiece


Summer is the time when people love to go to the beaches and then why not beach-themed summer wedding centerpieces for a wedding reception. For a casual beach themed centerpiece, you can use a bucket filled with sand, starfish and seashells. Or you can fill a clear glass vase with seashell and tie a water-blue ribbon bow around the top of the vase. Now add an arrangement of faux orchids for a delicate style. Another popular concept is to use a beach towel wedding cake edged with small seashells or flowers for a centerpiece.


Flowers and Fruits Wedding Centerpiece:


Flowers and Fruits Wedding Centerpiece


With some slices of fruit and some bold blooms, fruit and flowers can be combined together to have a dramatic, distinctive wedding centerpiece. Summer season has got plenty of options for flowers and fruits. Use the bright colors of both flowers and fruits to make an attractive wedding centerpiece for summer wedding receptions. One simple idea is to use a large clear vase with slices of lemon, limes or other citrus fruit. Flowers can be places outside the vase. A collection of lilies or a couple of large roses all look beautiful when paired with fruit. In fact, use can use a mixture of exotic fruits and flowers in various forms to show your creative and artistic side.


Candy Wedding Centerpiece:


Candy Wedding Centerpiece


If you are looking for a bright and colorful summer wedding centerpiece, go with candy. Get some bright-colored lollipops and a bag of small colorful candies, such as gumballs, conversation hearts, gumdrops or jawbreakers and use them to create a colorful and tempting summer wedding centerpiece. Take a plain tray an fill it with the small candies, and stick the lollipops in the candy to get them to stand up. Spread small, wrapped candies around the tray to make the centerpiece more attractive. This edible centerpiece will be liked by all your guests and especially kids will love them.


Butterfly Wedding Centerpiece:


Butterfly Wedding Centerpiece


For summer wedding reception you can also incorporate a butterfly themed wedding centerpiece. A butterfly wedding centerpiece is a memorable element for any summer wedding. The bright colored butterflies will make centerpieces that create a focal point for your table. The best idea is to have a simply floral decoration with butterflies. Another beautiful idea is to use paper lanterns with butterfly shapes. You can also use a small cage with a butterfly inside as a centerpiece and later on your guests can take it with them as favors. This is one of the best wedding centerpieces that your guests will be talking about for days.

Grass and Branches Wedding Centerpiece:


Grass and Branches Wedding Centerpiece


The beautiful combination of grassed and branches can also be used to make beautiful summer wedding centerpiece. Take a bunch of green grasses and braches and organize them artfully to make an attractive centerpiece. Make sure to use a small container so that it doesn’t block the view across the table. You can use cat grass or wheat grass in cubes and place them in the center of the reception tables. Use cubes n several colors. Use a slightly different version on each reception table to give a whole new dimension to the overall wedding decor. You can even encourage guests to take the cubes home at the end of the reception as your wedding favor. 


The above mentioned summer wedding centerpiece ideas will complement the ambience that couples want to project for their wedding. Also these summer wedding centerpieces will receive commendations from the majority of wedding guests who are particular with these matters. Apart from these ideas, you can use your imagination and creativity to come up with some more interesting summer wedding centerpiece ideas. All the best for your summer wedding!

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